Thursday, May 17, 2012

Story #7 Should i or should Not?

Jealous that a lot my friend is building their body shape into 6 pax ! aigoo.. i'm thinking should i build too or just make it Skinner because recently i felt i m so fat but i'm lazy to work it out.. such a lazy piggy. my friend is paid for going gym and having a teacher to teach them , it expensive but what to do wanted to build and eat protein at the same time.. so, i promise myself onward i will consume less food and do some exercise that may help in building shape? or maybe skinner abit? haha !! let see on this half month got any change :)) Goodluck to everyone is working hard on building and ofcourse myself too :D

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Story #6 My feeling ♪♫´♪♫´♪♫´♪♫´

這幾天你在那個城市天氣一定晴朗 因為你就是個太陽 有空想念我的話就上線來說晚安 讓夢裡星光燦爛 別再擔心我怎麼了 別把我龐壞 只要你平安回來 就夠浪漫 這幾天沒有你在當然有些平淡孤單 但我感謝那孤單 讓我更加確定你是我缺少的那一半 完整我的那一半 不怕明天的世界 會變成怎樣 每天看見你笑臉 我就心安 不管外面的世界 想變成怎樣 我們還有我們的 小小天堂 我有你放在心上 生命就有了重量 風來也不會飄盪 一起看海沽石爛 一起等天荒地老 慢慢愛 不慌不忙 我有你守在身旁 眼睛就可以勇敢 看歲月怎樣漫長 就算真海沽石爛 就算已天荒地老 還相愛 就沒遺憾 不遺憾 ♪♫´♪♫´♪♫´♪♫´ ♪♫´♪♫´♪♫´♪♫´

Story #5 Disappointed and Sad

Today after class and asked my friend to fetch me go samsung centre at pj , after receive my phone , guess what the old aunty indian say? your phone is ready to take ! of course is ready to take if not i came here for what ? c u ah? zzz then she asked me to check either the problem is still their anot ? so i tell she the problem is still their and i wan to change a new note !!! she refuse it and said nonono samsung will never replace a new note for customer but we will provide the best service for u sir ._. problem is still there and u said nth yet keep refuse my arguement! so after taking my note i go find my technician asked either can it be replace anot and he said we will confirm by u shortly because he said he have sent an email to higher management to korean either the problem can be solve anot if cant only replace me a new set.. :( so i have to wait aaaaaaaa! fed up ! he said might take 1->3month time T^T by the time u sure forget this case ! FROM NOW ON I AM ANTI SAMSUNG ! APPLE and HTC THE BEST ! Very sad sad sad sad :(

Monday, March 26, 2012

Story #4 Team work!

Ah assignment is team work but i feel like i'm doing it all alone only, wth , my friend is so lazy and just copy paste change the word make me feel like wanna punch on the face only... come on guy , don fail me on coursework , please work hard on it , i want graduate as fast as possible and getting a good result to go oversea if i got the change !LOL! Have a team work is so great but WITH A BUNCH of MONKEY in my groups is SO >!$!?>#%?$%>@?^>?%>$&?^$>?^%>*?^%$*> ._. !! Become a leader is so hard , if i give the leader for u guys , i surely fails my subject because of u guys attitude really stress me a lot ==

Story #3 Past

Thinking of the past make me feel like questioning myself : why i'm so dumb,why i behave such behavior, why should i do like that and now i'm the only 1 is left far far away from my friends level of education.Just very jealous my friends all graduate early than me feel regret for Wasted about 1year half for working and playing in UTAR :( really so moody and emo that time because of result ! I'm so sorry to parent and i promise myself i will repaid back soon :)

when education fair , a girl tell me : age is not the problem of study as long u have the heart to improve your education , so meaningful word for me! so i started to enroll to college and people who look down me i will prove to u guys , i will be more success than u are! positive positive thinking ! :P !

saying out is nothing , i should prove it some days :D Just not in time~ lol ~

Story #2 Monday

Wake in the morning to class is so tiring but i like the class because the teacher is so humorous :D She is good lecture even thou i always walk like a boss enter her class which mean i'm late to class HAHA! 8.30am class i reach around 9am about 30min late >:(! i hate those bus in subang so less bus to go my college! reach early to subang but there are no bus at there ._. ... Oh yeah while waiting bus got so many pretty girl a there !muahahahaha! so waiting bus is worth to late class :X

After finish class friend fetch back and go da bao my delicious Wan tan mee to my mum and me eat hehe but so expensive for small one cost me rm 4 but nice to eat :D
once finish eat n i go to... sleep until 5pm and awake omg i oversleep >_< i plan to study at afternoon and night fetch mum go out == waste a day again lol..

i <3 to sleep ! hoho"
have a nice day friends :)

Story #1 Memories

Just delete those emo memory and start a new post again. Hello again, nice to meet u all here, i will express all my feeling at here and hope u guy would enjoy my blog :) Anyways, anyone who would like to help or teach me how to customize my blog ?Just shared and comment it here ^^ C u guys and enjoy your days :D